Dupa datini colindam (Studioul de concerte “Mihail Jura”)

Si acum, anuntul: maine (Marti, 9 decembrie), de la ora 19.00, la Studioul de Concerte “Mihail Jora” al Radiodifuziunii Romane, va avea loc un concert de colinde, numit “Dupa datini colindam”.

Vor concerta cinci formatii corale: Corul de Copii Radio (dirijor: Voicu Popescu), Grupul de Muzica Bizantina “Anton Pann” (dirijor: Constantin Raileanu), Corul “SOUND” (dirijor: Voicu Popescu), Corala Camerala Mixta “I.C.Danielescu” din Ploiesti (dirijor: Valentin Gruescu) si Corala Barbateasca Ortodoxa “Te Deum Laudamus” (dirijor: Dan Mihai Goia).

Mai multe, pe Blogul lui Budescu

Nu ma prea omor dupa muzica corala (dupa colinde, cu atat mai putin),  desi din vara incep sa-mi plec urechile mai mult si catre ea, insa exista cateva exceptii, iar una dintre ele este asta:

Sound Choir & The Pixels- Assemblage

The Sound Choir conducted by Voicu Popescu engaged in this endeavour alongside The Pixels band represented by Catalin Rulea who is also the person who composed and arranged the electronic music for this experiment and together managed to create something unique in the romanian musical landscape.
After Dealu Frumos, the project was put again on stage, this time in a very special location. And on the historical date of 16 november 2008, for the first time (I believe) electronic sounds and beats of drums were heard on the stage of the Romanian Atheneum alongside the voices from a choir.

Mai multe informatii despre acest proiect foarte interesant si destul de reusit, pe Blogul lui Alexandru Damian

Tourdion (Anonim)


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