Janis Joplin vs. Vanilla Fudge

In timp ce baietii de la Vanilla Fudge se tanguiesc:  Set me free, why don’ you, babe!!?! Get out of my life, why don’t you, babe? You really don’t want me, you just keep me hanging on! Why you keep coming around, playing with my heart, Why don’t you get out my life, When seeing you only breaks my heart again,…

Janis Joplin e curajoasa: Take another little piece of my heart! Breake another little bit of my heart, now baby! You know you got it, Try it, if it makes you feel good!…

Ador ambele piese; sunt extraordinare, dar n-am putut sa nu le alatur mesajele, ambele puternice si emotionante, care, chipurile, tintesc in aceeasi directie, trimitand insa pe calea subtextului ca de fapt, unu-si frange inima de iubire, si altul si-o ofera, inca o data (chiar daca de data asta “o bucatica mai mica” din ea).


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