Funny how secrets travel

Am aflat intamplator de pe siteul ca azi e ziua lui Lynch. In 2008 am citit cartea lui, aparuta la Humanitas, “Cum sa prinzi pestele cel mare”, care, comparand-o ca forta, mi-e mai apropiata decat foarte laudata “Puterea prezentului” de Eckhart Tolle, pe care o citesc acum, si care-mi suna, dupa 130 de pagini, cam redundanta.

Ca de obicei, “la ei” sunt multe lucruri interesante iar “noi” nu putem face, deocamdata, decat sa salivam… sau sa facem un efort sa le comandam de pe siteurile straine (ma refer la materiale scrise de sau despre Lynch)

David Bowie…



This limited edition book brings together David Lynch’s series of black and white photographs of snowmen, revealing his fascination with their strange beauty as they melt in front of snow-covered houses in American suburbia. Sursa

Lynch on Lynch

David Lynch’s distinguished career includes such films as “The Elephant Man”, “Blue Velvet”, “Wild at Heart”; “Last Highway”; and the seminal television series “Twin Peaks”. Here, Lynch speaks openly about the full breadth of his creative work. Sursa

Am gasit fragmete din carte pe GoogleBooks.

Beautiful Dark

This was a fairly long read — text of almost 680 pages + 70 or so pages of notes — but if you’re a fan of DKL, this is the one you’ve been waiting for.Olson covers virtually everything and provides some excellent analysis of almost all of Lynch’s films, doing a terrific job of connecting Lynch’s films with his life experiences and beliefs. The chapters run a bit long, but the extra large portion of information is a treat for the starving Lynch fanatics out there. Sursa

John scrie pe blogul sau, Above the Convenience store, lucruri foarte interesante, concentrandu-se pe cateva capitole din carte care se refera la filmele Dune, Eraserhead, The Elephant Man. Iar ultimul articol de pe blog, din 6 ianuarie, este dedicat lui… Frank Silva- Bob, din Twin Peaks.

Lynch- arta vizuala


David Lynch: “It’s like a negative image of my childhood. In reality that sky would’ve been blue and Technicolor and the plane would’ve been a large military plane that made a droning sound. The plane took a long time to cross the sky and the sound it made was very serene. The world seemed to be more quiet when the plane was passing through the sky.”

Expozitia The Air is on Fire. Sursa


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