Somewhere a band is playing…

Somewhere a band is playing
Playing the strangest tunnes
Of sunflower seeds and sailors
Who tide with the stragest moons
Somewhere a drummer simmers
And trembles with times forlon
Remembering days of summer
In futures yet unborn

And children sit by on the stone floor
And draw out their live in the sand
Remembering deaths that won’t happen
In futures unseen in far lands.
Somewhere a band is playing
Where the moon never sits on the sky
And nobody sleeps in the summer
And nobody puts down to die.
And Time then just goes on forever
And hearts then continue to beat
To the sound of the old moon-drum drumming
And the glide of Eternity’s feet.

Indiferent cate cuvinte frumoase s-ar scrie, pana la urma poemul care vorbeste despre un loc indepartat, care cunoaste eternitatea, mila si incremenirea timpului atrage cu mai multa pricepere cititorul (asa cum l-a atras si pe James Cardiff sa porneasca in calatorie, fara sa stie ce forta il impinge si catre ce anume) in lumea vibranta, fantezista, si plina de emotie, a lui Bradbury.

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