The speech therapist’s speech

The King: I’ll even give them a Christmas speech.
The speech therapist: Like your dad used to do.
The King: Precisely!
The speech therapist: He’s not here anymore.
The King: Yes, he is, he’s on that shilling I gave you.
The speech therapist: Easy enough to give away… You don’t have to carry him around in your pocket. Or your brother.  You don’t need to be afraid of the things you were afraid when you were five.

[mi se pare interesanta exprimarea: you don’t need to be afraid si nu you don’t have to be afraid, ca si cand nevoia de frica este o trebuinta implicita pentru un om  crescut in frica, dar in acelasi timp, plasand-o in sfera nevoilor personale, se poate actinoa asupra ei. E nevoia de care te poti debarasa, cata vreme intelegi ca functia ei nu mai este actuala]


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